Overcoming homelessness is not an act of charity

it is a act of humanity

Target Groups


Noble Tree’s strategy now encompasses to help people Nationwide. A basic human need is decent accommodation as without this a person cannot develop their independence and life skills. We are currently developing projects in the United Kingdom which will give help and support to vulnerable adults, of all faiths and socio-economic backgrounds, for their accommodation needs.

Our projects are thoughtfully planned and professionally implemented to allow communities to not only understand the planning we do for their benefit but also educate how to make our projects sustainable.

Client group: Homelessness

All our homelessness services via our partners embrace local health and well-being agendas and we are committed to piloting innovative solutions to make meaningful differences to the health and support of every person we work with.

We are currently developing new projects that will enable us to provide decent accommodation to vulnerable adults and the homeless from any faith or socio-economic background including people who need to re-build their lives, for example, ex-offenders, asylum seekers, victims of domestic abuse and women who need safe and secure refuge.

These new projects will be across the United Kingdom and to deliver them we will be working with local authorities.

Client group: Ex -offenders

Accommodation and support for ex-offenders is one area of concern. Destabilised accommodation not only contributes to offending, but also highlights where offending destabilises permanent accommodation and reduces re-housing options. Our aim is to work within current legislation to alleviate the hardship incurred by people due to the UK’s accommodation shortage.

This can often become a vicious cycle which we are determined to break.

Client group: Domestic Abuse

There is a clear and well evidenced link between domestic abuse and homelessness.

We will become a leading light in the cause to help the disadvantaged and under-privileged to re-gain their place in their communities and lead productive lives

Our Aim Is To The Reduction In Homelessness Within England’s Most Vulnerable Groups

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