Our Target Groups


We provide tailored homelessness housing for people with diverse support needs and offer a range of support via our partners that includes helping people to succeed in education or employment, improve mental well-being or breaking the vicious circles they find themselves in once they become homeless.

All of our homelessness services via our partners embrace local health and well-being agendas and we are committed to piloting innovative solutions to make meaningful differences to the health and support of every person we work with.

Underpinned by the local expertise of our partner’s experienced staff, our and our partner’s national infrastructure allows us to realise efficiencies and provide our intensive model of support while offering good value for money.

Offering flexible services tailored to the needs of a local area has allowed us and our partners to establish close working relationships with local commissioning teams, the local voluntary sector, housing partners, the health sector and probation services.

We work in partnership with local agencies to build sustainable communities, helping service users to become active and valued members of the community. We are acutely aware of how challenging breaking circles of homelessness can be and are dedicated to finding innovative ways to effectively support pathways to independence.

Client group: Ex -offenders 

Accommodation and support for ex-offenders is one area of particular concern. Of the current prison population of circa 86,000 prisoners in the UK, approximately 28,000 leave per year as ex-offenders in need of accommodation, across the country. Currently, circa 1 in 5 people who have contact with homelessness services are prison leavers or are being actively monitored by the probation service.

It is clear that destabilised accommodation not only contributes to offending, but also highlights where offending destabilises permanent accommodation and reduces re-housing options. This can often become a vicious circle which Noble Tree are determined to break.

Client group: Domestic Abuse

An estimated 2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year (1.3 million women, 695,000 men). There is a clear and well evidenced link between domestic abuse and homelessness. In 2017, official statistics for England show that 6,850 people were accepted as homeless by their local authority because of a violent relationship breakdown, this accounts for 12% of all homeless acceptances.

There is a need for immediate action to tackle the lack of housing for victims of domestic violence and it is our aim to  become a leading light in the cause to help our clients re-gain self worth in order that they may lead productive lives.