Property Development

General Rental and Development Plan

  • Source new opportunities constantly and negotiate project pricing and / or profit shares,
  • Process and finalise development plans then source development financing,
  • During development source private clients for purchase or rental of properties or negotiate with LA’s for long term contracts to use development for the housing waiting list.
  • The Company aims to develop units to meet industry standards such as NHBC and Lifetime homes (where applicable).
  • To enhance the sustainability of the building assets, residential units shall follow Code for Sustainable Homes.
  • Assets shall aspire to have high rated energy performance certificate ratings to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce their need for energy consumption.
  • Upon completion Noble Tree intends to have several options, including but not limited to:
    • Sell a pre-determined number of properties to cover project financing or used to finance other projects, even sell during the refurbishment and construction phase.
    • Rent out remaining; focus on keeping as many properties as possible in its portfolio.
    • Sign development over to LA or HA for negotiated long-term contract.

Supported Housing Programs

The Company will target sites close to public amenities and tenant families/support networks. The target properties will comprise od vacant/unoccupied public houses or other commercial/retail premises in each case suitable for conversion to serval individual Supported Housing Units. The Development Company has commenced the process of Site identification and a pipeline of suitable properties has been identified to facilitate delivery of at least, the first 10 Sites. This process is on-going in preparation for delivery of subsequent Sites.

The suitability of each Site is determined by an assessment and screening process undertaken by the Development Company in collaboration with the Registered Provider (and any associated housing association), Service Provider and the Local Authority prior to commencement of design, formal Local Authority planning and any other approval processes, and commencement of conversion activity.

Each Site will require at least one permanent employee of the Service Provider responsible as support worker for day-to-day management and tenant support services. The number of support workers per Site will depend upon the number of Units and nature of tenant needs at a particular Site. This will determine the appropriate support worker/tenant ratio required. As a consequence, at least one unit per Site is envisaged to be non-income generating.

A broad national coverage of Site locations is anticipated. Individual Site conversion programmes are expected to comprise a period of 3 months on average and, as required, Site conversion activity will be undertaken in parallel during a scheme programme.

Target Rental Property Developments

Noble Tree is targeting to two developments, one in Peterborough for ten, 2 to 3 bedroom flats, and one in Wisbech for ten, 2 to 3 bedroom houses. Noble Tree intends to either invest into these development projects or buy the resulting properties following their completion.