Investing in People through Property

Supported HousingSupported Housing Programme

Noble Tree’s Programme is targeted at the acquisition and development of specialised schemes for this unique sector within a global programme, providing essential supported hosuing in a sector where there is an estimated shortfall in supply of over 100,000 units…

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Reducing Empty HomesAbout Noble Tree

Noble Tree aims to increase the housing supply to alleviate the numbers of households on the housing waiting list and where possible, reduce the number of empty properties to create sustainable, affordable, and energy efficient homes across the United Kingdom…

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Property Development

Developing high rated energy efficient affordable housing and supported housing programmes that follow the Code for Sustainable Homes and meet industry standards such as NHBC and Lifetime homes (where applicable) throughout the UK in partnership with Context Housing Finance (CHF)…

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Research DirectedMarket Research

The Company has identified target rental locations using statistical analysis of regional data of the housing waiting list, empty properties data, property prices and rental price averages and through partnership research has identified suitable properties for the Supported Housing Programme…

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Strong ReturnsBusiness Mechanics

Noble Tree intends on developing, renting and selling affordable housing, securing as many properties as possible in a balanced portfolio of socially focused residential real estate providing shareholders with an attractive level of dividends and the potential for capital growth…

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Tax EfficientTaxation and UK REITs

Noble Tree intends to become a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) consequently any profit resulting from its qualifying property rental businesses will be tax-exempt. Furthermore Noble Tree will be required to distribute 90% of this profit as Property Income Distribution…

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Working Partnerships

The Company has partnered with CHF to develop and manage supported housing schemes across the UK and has developed working partnerships with Housing Providers, Local Authorities and local developers to identify local opportunities and to secure rights to developments opportunities…

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Experienced ManagementBoard of Directors and Key Management

Experienced management team and board with a multi-discipline skillset including property / opportunity sourcing, development planning, project management / financing, client sourcing, sales and rentals, portfolio management, company sales and has experience in design / engineering.

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